California Trip 2006

Day 16

Wednsday, October 11, 2006

38 degrees and full on sunshine, another wonderful day ahead.

We decided to spent the day at the High Desert museum.

High Desert Museum
We had heard a lot about it and wanted to take it all in. We packed a lunch and headed a few miles south of Bend. The building is in a lovely setting of tall Ponderosa Pines.

Admission is a little steep at $12.00 each but it was worth it.

Stagecoach   Shop
Stagecoach - Shop

Covered Wagon   Chuck Wagon
Covered Wagon - Chuck Wagon

There are a number of dioramas inside the building showing the early days of the area and an interesting one on the high desert Indians.

High Planes Indians
High Planes Indians Tee Pee

They have several presentations a day by rangers in the park showing and talking about different animals. We attended a talk on birds of prey and another that talked about raptor's and small mammals.

Screech Owl   Screech Owl
Screech Owl

Golden Eagle   Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle

At the birds of prey talk the ranger had a small Screech Owl. At the Raptor talk they had a Golden Eagle and a Badger.

Badger on a leash

It was the first time we'd ever seen a Badger and to see one on a leash was really funny.

They have several outdoor displays of early life in the high desert.

Marilyn and covered wagon   Ken and old wagon
Marilyn and covered wagon - Ken and old buckboard

They have living history by virtue of real people dressed up in period clothes working at the displays as though they were living there.

Lumber Mill
Working Lumber Mill

They have a working steam powered saw mill that unfortunately was not working on the day we were there.

Cutting Wood   Wood Planer
Cutting and planing wood

Steam Power   Steam Power
Boiler and steam engine

They do actually make finished lumber at the mill that they use for replica buildings on the grounds.

There was art everywhere and we thought the this horse and foal made from barbed wire was particularly nice and unique.

barbed wire horse
Barbed Wire Horse Sculpture

We brought our lunch and ate at the picnic tables in the parking lot. It was a really nice day and a really good place to visit. If you are ever in the Bend area I'd take a day and add it to your list of things to do.

It got into the low 70's and was a really pleasant day.


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