California Trip 2006

Day 14

Monday, October 9, 2006

The sun is shining and it's 58 degrees. Diane and Del have to go to work and we have to hit the road for home. We said our good byes and moseyed on down the road. We decided to take I-5 north to Weed, California and then up highway 97.

On the way we stopped by the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

Sacramento Wildlife Refuge
The enterance to the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge

Some friends told us it was a good place to bird watch and they were right. We were disappointed with the interpretive center because it was closed due to Columbus Day so we just walked around a little looking at the displays they have outside.

There is a nice road that goes all around the property that you can go on that has lots of pull-outs to look at wildlife.

They don't want you getting out of your car except for one designated area.

Wiewing Area
This was a huge viewing area half way through the drive.

We didn't see a lot of different birds but there were a bunch of Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks, Coots, Snowy Egrets and Red Winged Black Birds.

Bunch of Birds
This is just a fraction of the birds we saw.

Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret

We also saw some deer that were grazing on a small island in the wetland area.

Surprise, we're here!

It was around 90 degrees so we didn't hang around too long and decided not to go for the one hour walking tour.

It was great to see the pine trees and mountains again. All the rolling golden hills of the bay area were pretty but we really prefer the mountains. Along the way we stopped at a rest stop and thought this statement was interesting

I guess someone was not impressed with the warning!

It ended up being a longer driving day than we had planned. We drove for about six and a half hours to get to our stopping place in Weed.

We stayed at Friendly RV Park and it's not much of a park but it was an OK place to spend the night.

Friendly Camp Ground
Friendly RV Park had a great view.

One thing that was really nice was it has a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta. In fact the view is directly out our kitchen window.

Shasta Sunset
It was really pretty watching Mt. Shasta change colors in the sunset.

We saw a very nice sunset on the mountain to wrap up a rather long day.


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