California Trip 2006

Day 1

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We were up and at um early and left at 7:00 AM September 26th. It was an absolutely fabulous day with noting but sunshine. This was to be a travel day with nothing but driving and that it was.

We made one stop on the way for lunch at a freeway rest stop and watched and listened to a guy with a leaf blower, not very entertaining or relaxing.

We got our first fill up of $2.45/gallon gas in Eugene, Oregon. 299 miles and 30.7 gallons of gas. That is 9.7 miles to the gallon. It's not very good but we were driving 70 MPH most of the way.

After eight and a half hours of hard driving and we arrived at the Riverpark RV Resort in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Riverpark RV Resort

I leveled the trailer and hooked up the water, sewer, power and Cable TV (yes we really are roughing it) while Marilyn put everything in its place inside the trailer.

Marilyn sets up the trailer

It was a hot 91 degrees F but was cooling down pretty good by evening.

We parked right at the edge of the river and it was very peaceful after we got settled and unwound a little.

Marilyn by the river

The campground was very clean and the people were nice. The camping spots were pretty small though and it was nice that the owner of the park helped spot us into our campsite. The trailer sits on a concrete pad which makes leveling a breeze.

The grounds

Apparently the owner is an artist and there were many pieces of artwork displayed around the grounds.

Carved Head
Click here to see more of their art.

We also got to see some kayakers practicing their moves on the river. They sure could handle those boats!

Kayak practice

All in all a very nice place that would be fun to spend a couple of days at to explore the area but we are on a mission to see Ken's brother Ron and wife Lolli so another day of hard driving ahead.


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