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RunnerDuck Travelogue's
     The RunnerDuck Travelogue's are travel stories from Ken and Marilyn or submitted by readers of our newsletter, The AllAmerican RunnerDuck Review. We hope you enjoy these stores and all the places they will take you.
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Ken and Marilyn's Northern California Vacation Fall 2006

Mt. Shasta California

Ken and Marilyn's fall 2006 trip
from Washington to California and back

Ken and Marilyn Yellowstone Vacation 2005

Old Faithful

Ken and Marilyn's fall 2005 trip
around the Northwestern US.

Ken and Marilyn Pacific Coastline, 2001

Pacific City North Beach

Ken and Marilyn's 2001 summer tirp along
the Washington and Oregon coastline.

Ken's Brother Ron's 2004 Summer Break


Ron and Lolli's Summer vacation from
Northern California to Nebraska and back!

Hopkins Trip West, 2004

Doug and Betty April 2004

Doug and Betty Hopkins 8,000 Mile Trip from Virgina
to the Pacific Ocean and back in 28 short days!

Cousin Roger's Travelogue from Summer 2004

Blairgowrie, Scotland

Ken's cousin Roger's trip to Scotland
In search of Scottish Gowrie

Ken's Brother Ron's 2004-2005 Winter Break

Ron's Winter Break

Ken's borther Ron takes another memorable trip to the desert.


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