Travelogue 8/3/2001 – 8/11/2001

     These are the travel notes from our trip to the Pacific Northwest Coastline during Ausust of 2001. We hope you find them interesting and informative.
     The pages have a lot of pictures so we've broken them down day by day so that they will load faster.
     Stay a while and enjoy the trip!

08-03-01Travelog 08-03-01Day One - The Drive To The Ocean.

08-04-01Travelog 08-04-01Day Two - Spruce Goose and Tierra Del Mar.

08-05-01Travelog 08-05-01Day Three - Lincoln City and Freed Gallery.

08-06-01Travelog 08-06-01Day Four - Pacific City.

08-07-01Travelog 08-07-01Day Five - The Drive To Long Beach.

08-08-01Travelog 08-08-01Day Six - Oysterville and Long Beach.

08-09-01Travelog 08-09-01Day Seven - Ocean Park, Nahcotta and Long Beach.

08-10-01Travelog 08-10-01Day Eight - Fort Canby and The Cranberry Museum.


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