August 6, 2001 - Mostly cloudy, light rains, highs high 60’s, lows low 50’s.

     Ken got a new kite for his birthday last year and decided today would be the maiden voyage. We went to a little beach just outside Pacific City where there were very few people and lots of beach. We got the kite all put together and strung. With Marilyn holding the kite and Ken at the controls it was launch time. The only problem was there wasn’t enough wind to get any lift. We tried a number of times and got it up once for about 30 seconds and that was it. We wrapped it up and decided to go beach combing.
     Just like the other beaches we’ve been to in Oregon there is very little to find on the beaches. I don’t know where it all goes but there sure isn’t much there.

Pacific City Beach
Pacific City beach

     We decided to go explore some the arts and crafts stores in Pacific City. There are about five of them and we went to four. Their stores are a little strange in the variety of stuff they sell especially for a small coastal tourist town. There were quite a few dolls of all sorts ranging in size from very small to three feet tall. The hot item is glass balls similar to the old glass ball floats the Japanese fisherman use to use. Local glass blowers create them and they are really works of art. We purchased one to hang as a sun catcher. It should look great in our home.
     While we were in Pacific City we went to the beach where all the surfers go. There were quite a few people out surfing and the surf wasn’t too bad. Since we don’t surf it’s hard to tell whether it was really good or not. It’s a really nice little area with a beautiful rock formation on the north end. We decided that there were too many people for us to try and fly the kite here plus the wind was still quite low.

Pacific City North Beach
North end of Pacific City beach

     One note about Pacific City, it is advertised as the home of the Dory Fleet. There are lots of Dories that are used for fishing. Later this month they celebrate Dory Days which is a big celebration of the fleet. Here are a couple of interesting photos from around town. Their concept of art seems to be a little strange.

Old Boat
Old boat in Pacific City
Some loacl art in Pacific City

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