August 5, 2001 - Mostly sunny, highs low 70’s, lows low 50’s.

     After a leisurely morning around the campground we headed for Lincoln City to see what was there. It’s a one street ocean front town that goes on for quite a ways. There are other streets but the main drag is on one long road. The traffic was quite heavy with lots of tourists in town.
     We stopped in an ocean side parking lot to check out the beach. There was a nice breeze and lots of kite flyers. Other than that it was your basic beach with no special features.

Lincoln City Beach
Lincoln City Beach

     We headed a little further south and came across the Freed Gallery Art Museum. You are greeted outside with a beautiful wind sculpture garden. They ranged in sizes from a couple of feet to 12 or 14 feet tall. Since there was a little wind they were all going around and made a pretty site.

Freed Museum Windmills
Windmill art garden at Freed Museum
Freed Art Museum
Inside the Freed Art Museum

     Inside the gallery there were many nice sculptures, glass art, fine wood crafting and paintings. While it is not too large it is very nice and a good place to visit.
     We headed back north to our campground and some mochas. After a really nice supper we decided to give Myst III another go. We made some better headway than previously but still have a very long ways to go.
     Observation: We have decided that the campsites of today, at least the RV type, are more like a bus station than a campground with all the bus type diesel pushers campers and diesel pickup trucks. Every morning as the people leave we keep expecting to hear “Bus number 425 now leaving at gate 17, all aboard!” Except for the smell when they start up or drive by the big bus types really aren’t that bad and some are really quite beautiful with all their fancy artwork.

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