August 8, 2001 - High fog, 55 degrees F, high 72, fog blew off around 2:00pm.

     We spent the day just cruising around the area. First we went to Leadbetter Point at the northern most tip of the peninsula. I was a bit of a walk to the point and with our old dog along we thought it would be a bit too much walking for her. It was too hot in the truck for her so we turned around and headed back down the road. One of the things Leadbetter point is known for is sand dollars. They are getting harder and harder to come by but supposedly they can still be found there.
     Our next stop was at the Oysterville Sea Farms in Oysterville.

Oysterville Sea Farms
Oysterville Sea Farms building
Oyster Table
Oyster shucking table at Sea Farms

     This is a very tiny and very old community founded in 1854. The Oysterville Sea Farms harvest and sell oysters along with their own manufactured cranberry treats, cookie mixes and Wholly Cow cereal. We think we will go back there again tomorrow to look around some more. There are many homes there that are over 100 years old.
     From there we went way south to the southern tip of Long Beach peninsula to the town of Ilwaco. This is mainly a fishing village and was very busy due to the great fishing that is happening in the ocean. Just outside of town is Fort Canby but we'll check that out later. Instead we headed north back up to Long Beach.
     We visited Marsh’s Free Museum which is advertised as “A place where troubles are forgotten and laughs and smiles are free.”

Marsh's Museum
Marsh's Museum
Inside Marsh's Museum
Inside Marsh's Museum

     Aside from the Alligator Man, two headed pig, one-eyed lamb and eight-legged lamb there is lots of neat stuff. If you’ve ever been to Ye Ol’ Curiosity Shop in Seattle it’s very similar to that.
     Next we went out to the Worlds Longest Beach and the boardwalk which is a half mile long wooden walkway. It runs along the top of the sand dunes on the ocean side of the town. It’s really impressive and nicely done.

Long Beach Sign
The Long Beach Sign
Long Beach Boardwalk
The Long Beach Boardwalk

     After walking around there for a while it was time to head back to the trailer and have our afternoon mochas. Another terrific dinner Marilyn did projects and I worked on the notebook computer “Lap Dancer”.

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