Northwestern Travelogue

Day 12

September 20, 2005

It looks like another beautiful day coming on with 38 degrees and the sun coming over the horizon. Today is going to be a travel day to try and get across Idaho and into Oregon.

We drove over seven hours and didn't see much of anything worth talking about. There were a few nice canyons we drove through but the rest of the trip was pretty much sage brush. We were surprised to see that the lava flows around Craters of the Moon went on for about thirty miles. We kept commenting on how it must have been really something for the travelers heading west to come upon these strange areas on their Conestoga wagons.

Nothing but road

We originally had thought about staying in Caldwell, Idaho, just east of Boise but it didn't look all that inviting so we pressed on. We ended up staying in Burns, Oregon at the Burns RV Park. It's a nice little camping area with trees for shade which was really welcome since the temperature was well into the 80's. The only down side of the campground is that it's right off the main road, highway 20, so the trucks rolled by all night long. We were so tired that they didn't bother us all that much.

Unless you are a gambler there's not much to see or do around Burns. They have a number of casinos but that's not our cup of tea. We'll be moving on in the morning.

Burns Campground