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This introduction is an explanation of why we named our web site We have a whole host of interesting craft and woodworking projects along with recipes and links to all sorts of things. We hope you enjoy our story and find our web site interesting and fun.


The Birth of

(A Love Story)

Written by Marilyn

Many years ago (around 17 years) I met Ken. Actually, he was my boss. It seemed that we were immediately attracted to each other. He had a twinkle in his eye and always made me feel so special. We dated for a time. But as life would have it, we drifted apart. Time passed. After 2 marriages and raising three kids later for him, and a blur of relationships and looser dates for me (I never did get married), a mutual friend arranged to put Mr. Wonderful (Ken) back on my door step. WOW! Just like it was yesterday the spark was still there. I felt like a kid again, holding hands, hotdogs in the park, and of course going to the County Fair.

It was at the Fair that we found Runner Ducks. Ken had seen them before and wanted to share them with me. Those poor Runner Ducks, like the outcast dodo bird, were way in the back where no one ever ventured. It seemed like he was just waiting for us to come visit and when he stood up for the first time it was amazing! He was so tall, so straight, and his cute little walk was almost like a penguin waddle!

I fell in love with those Runner Ducks that day, and Ken some time before that day.

We are married now. I wasn't going to let him get away again! And trying to make up for all those years gone by. We look forward to seeing the Runner Ducks at the Fair, but are not always successful. Those ducks are very illusive.

A famous Runner Duck you may have seen is the white duck in the movie Babe. Although as Runner ducks go, that one just looked like a tall duck, it didn't have the "unique posture" for which they are known.

So that's the story. Runnerduck is a new beginning, a chance to fulfill lost dreams and hopes. And a time for a whole lot of fun. How could a duck be all that? I'm not sure. But I do know there's a mighty powerful magic in those feathers!

We have many interests that we pursue with some vigor. As you will see from the following pages that Ken likes boating, big band swing music, woodworking, old cars and his number one girl, Marilyn (not necessarily in that order). Marilyn is into gardening and crafts of all kinds.

We live in Coupeville, Washington which is located on Penn Cove, the north-central end of Whidbey Island. Ken works at Technical Services in Oak Harbor and Marilyn takes care of the home front in Coupeville. We hope you enjoy our WEB site and find some useful links.

Wood Projects, Picture by my dad 1954.
The Tempos Home Page / KennyB with the Serfs 1966
60, Series 1, Sunbeam Alpine
2005 PT Cruiser
The Tempos Big
Swing Band
Ken's 1960 Sunbeam Alpine
2005 PT Cruiser

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