1960, Series 1, Sunbeam Alpine
License Plate

Picture from original sales brochure

Buffalo Bill Museum

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Wyoming

This is my Series 1 Alpine which I acquired in 1971. I traded it for a 1952, 650, BSA motorcycle. We weren't sure at the time who got the better deal. He towed the Alpine over to my house and drove away on the motorcycle. He got about five miles down the freeway and lunched the engine. I cleaned up the ground wire and started driving the Alpine. I'm sure now who got the better deal.

I spent the next seven years off and on restoring the car although restoring is probably not the correct word. Being my first attempt at restoring a car I didn't understand all the little things it takes to make a "correct" automobile.

I made it look pretty good and got it running like a champ. I drove it for a number of years before getting a little more serious about making it more authentic.

I redid the upholstery and carpets to bring the interior up to snuff and I added a new convertible top which really helped. All of this was in preparation for Sunbeams International 1 (SUNI) which I decided to attend. It was to be held in Snowmass, Colorado, July 3rd through the 7th 1989.The trip there was a real adventure but driving the old car was just a blast. There were only a few minor problems that didn't slow me down very much.I "rag wrenched" the underside and engine compartment, waxed it up and entered the concourse. To my surprise I took second place next to a really nice green Series 1 from new Jersey that was towed there in an enclosed trailer so I really felt good.
SUNI 1, Snowmass Colorado
Judging day at SUNI 1

Since that trip I've driven the car off and on but for the past couple of years I've had it apart to try and do a "proper" restoration on it. I don't know if I'll get there or just get anxious to get it on the road again but either way it's a pretty car that needs to be driven.
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