Goddess of Speed

Goddess of Speed

The Goddess of Speed was a must have for my Cruiser. The kit came with the hood ornament, a chrome strip for the center of the hood and the mounting screws.
The first thing to do is drill two holes near the front of your hood. I know, take a deep breath and go for it! The instructions include a pattern for the location of the holes. Just tape it to your hood, mark the centers with a sharp center punch, and drill. Drill the back hole through both the hood and the bracket inside the hood.

Mark Holes

Drill Holes

You will need to open up the back hole inside the hood to accept the nut. Once I got all the holes drilled I painted them with some primer using a small paint brush just along the edges.
I laid the chrome strip on the hood and aligned it with the two holes I just drilled. I measured from the sides of the hood to make sure it was centered. I marked a couple of spots using a black grease pencil for when I permanently put it down.
Clean the area where the strip will go with alcohol and make sure that it is at least 60 degrees F.
We peeled back enough tape so that the sticky tape was exposed under the area of the hood ornament.
We placed the bolts from the hood ornament through the chrome strip and into the holes in the hood.
Installing the nuts was not easy for me because I have a bad shoulder and raise my arm that high so I solicited the help of my wife. She got them started and we tightened them finger tight.

Install Nuts

We aligned the chrome on our marks and peeled the tape off as we moved up the hood. Press the strip down good so that it permanently sticks to the hood.
Tighten the nuts and you're good to go.

Well not quite. Just like the spears I didn't care for the flat mirror like appearance of the chrome strip. I ordered some more chrome strips like were used for the 1940's Chrome Fender Kit. Enough to reach from the back of the Goddess to the back of the hood.
I cut the end near the hood ornament to fit around the back and I cut the other end at about a 30 degree angle at the back.
Be sure to touch up the ends with clear fingernail polish, silver fingernail polish or silver lacquer. This will seal the ends and prevent oxidizing around the ends.
As with all the others clean the area good and then peel a small amount of tape off the back and then remove the tape as you work your way back.
This leaves a nice rounded ridge down the middle of the hood and the flat chrome piece show just a little on each side giving it a really nice appearance.

Goddess of Speed Installed


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