Dual Exhaust

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Dual Exhaust

The dual exhaust system could be installed by one person but I really suggest two people to do it right.

Of course the first step is to remove the old exhaust system. This is pretty simple, you disconnect the grounding strap from the muffler, unscrew the muffler and tail pipe hangers, loosen the muffler clamp and pull off the muffler.

Old Muffler

Muffler Removed

Place a jack stand under the catalytic converter, loosen the clamp and remove the pipe.

Support Catalytic Converter

Install the Resonator using the pipe clamp supplied with the kit.
Route the "B" pipe up and over the rear axle. I had placed jack stands under the axle to give me more working room but this held the axle too high up to get the pipe over it. I put a jack stand under the rear jack point and lowered the axle. This gave me plenty of clearance.

Lower the Axel

Bolt the "B" pipe to the Resonator with the gasket in place but leave the bolts loose.
Next I removed the forward bolt of the tiedown on each side and installed the new hangers. The long hanger goes on the drivers side and the short one on the passenger side.

This photo is wrong because it shows the rear bolt being removed. It's supposed to be the front bolt on both sides but at least it shows you where the tiedown is.

Install Hanger

Install the two tail pipe's loosely with the supplied hardware, gaskets and the rubber hangers. The rubber hangers are hard to get on so I used some window cleaner to make them slide on easier.
Snug up all the hardware to get a good location where to cut out the valence for the exhaust tip clearance on the passenger side.
Mark the sides and center of the tail pipe on the valence.
Loosen everything up again and get the passenger side tail pipe out of the way.
Using the supplied template mark the valence and cut out around the mark using a Dremel tool with a rasp bit. If you remove the flash that builds up while you are routing while it's still warm it will come right off. If you let it cool you'll have a hard time removing it.
Smooth the edges with a file and sand paper.
Use touch up paint to paint over the black edge that is left after the routing.
Snug up all the hardware and check the alignment of the tail pipe's in the cut-outs. You'll notice in this picture that the right tail pipe is way off.


You can get a lot of adjustment out of all the slop in the bolt holes. With a little patience and adjustment I was able to get it to line up perfectly.

Tighten everything up and you should be good to go. Don't forget to tighten up the ground strap, it's easy to forget.

Lookin' Good

I did have to make a couple of phone calls to Mitch at Cruiser Motorsports for tips and that helped a lot. I've included those tips here so you won't need to bother him ;-)


While I really like the looks of this dual exhaust system it turns out to be a little too loud for me. The noise in the interior was pretty unbearable for me. I decided to replace the resonator with a muffler.

I went to Muffler King in Kirkland, Washington and they talked me into a Flowmaster Hushpower muffler. They are expensive but I like it a lot better.

This is the resonator that came with my original kit.

The service guy cut out the old resonator with a saws-all.

Next he welded in the new Flowmaster muffler.

Here's the Flowmaster muffler installed.

The beauty of this muffler is the size. Look at how it just snuggles up into the exhaust tunnel. The muffler has insulation designed into it so it does not heat up the floor pans.


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