Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

I decided to install a keyless entry system so I didn't have to use my keys to unlock the doors. I only installed them on the front doors since I rarely use the back doors. I may add some more actuators to the back doors later to make them automatic also.

The system was ordered from Here are the items I ordered for the system:

  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Item Description
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • 514DS2 Crime Guard DS2 Door Lock Actuator
  • 514DLS3R Crime Guard DLS3R Universal Door Lock Dual-relay Kit
  • 514REC11 Crime Guard REC-11 Keyless Entry System
  • 514AUPOT Crime Guard AU-POT 40-amp Relay
The instructions that came from Crutchfield were pretty complete although they are not specific for a PT Cruiser. You have to get a little creative when it comes to installing the actuator and dual relay. Connect the actuator arm to the actuator first and align it with the door lock wire. I found a good clear location to mount the actuator and dual relay. It required drilling holes for both the actuator and dual relay block.

Actuator and Relay

The wires were all dressed using cable ties and tied to existing holes in the door. The only thing that I don't like so far is I have a small vibration in the door when I have heavy bass playing on the radio. I'll open up the door panel some day and figure out what's causing it.

Routing the wires is the really hard part. The rubber boot that goes through the door in to the cabin needs to be pulled out on the cabine side and I had to cut the black tape that is wrapped around the boot. Once I figured that out it was easier on the passenger side.

I had a hard time finding a good place for the control box under the dash. I ended up double taping it to the rubber on the firewall. It seems to be holding good so far.

If you don't have keyless entry I'd suggest this as a pretty good way to go.


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