Air Filter and Helix Tower Power

Airaid Air Filter Helix Tower Power

I installed the Helix and air filter at the same time since they go in the same area. It's really a pretty simple project.
First I removed the stock air filter box and air filter.

Remove Old Air Filter

Next you need to remove the air hose and the cover for the throttle linkage.
Rotate the throttle cable and remove it from the throttle body linkage.

Remove Hose and Cover

Remove four bolts from the throttle body and you can now install the Helix.

Install Helix

Install the Helix Tower Power and install the four bolts into the throttle body.
Reconnect the throttle cable and install the cover.
Next assemble and install the Airaid box. There are four small screws and nuts that assemble the box together before you place it into the car.
The box just sits on top of the existing air filter box. Connect the air hose to the box and snap the two clips that hold it in place.

Filter Box

Install the new filter into the air box.
Place the rubber seal around the top edge of the air box and your installation is complete.
I had an issue with not being able to close the hood with the seal all the way around the box. I spoke with Mitch and Airaid and they have never seen this problem before. If you install this air filter and have a problem closing the hood I sure would like to hear from you. Just write


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