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Spring Place Holder/Recipe Holder
This project appeared in our May 4th, 2003 Newsletter.

This is a pretty easy project that complements Marilyn's place/recipe card project. The idea is to make lots of these for gifts when people come for brunch or dinner. The holder can be used for table place setting and then later for a recipe card holder.

Here's a list of what you'll need;

  • 4" X 2 1/2" full 3/4" stock. We used Maple.
  • 3" X 2 1/2" full 1/2" stock. We used Pine.
  • 1/4" dowel 2 1/4" long.
  • Wood Glue.
When selecting the wood try to use a heavier wood for the leafy base then for the flower.
Trace the patterns onto the wood and cut them out. You can find the pattern at or clicking on the picture below.


Drill a 1/4" hole in the top of the "V" in the leaves and the bottom of the flower.
Using a small saw or band saw, cut a slit in the top of the flower to hold the card. Make it approximately 1/4" deep.
Paint the flower, leaves and stem. We used acrylic paint.
Glue the dowel between the flower and leaves and you are good to go.

Now make a bunch more, add the place card and set them on the table. These are great gifts and actually work well in the kitchen for holding recipes.

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