Here's a fun little candle project that looks really nice. You should get some help from your parents with this project since it uses the stove and melted wax.

Here are the things you'll need.

  • A small clay pot, big enough to hold a small candle.
  • A clay saucer for the pot to sit on. 3 to 4 inches is good.
  • Some candle wax or paraffin.
  • A small candle.
  • Things that you've collected like shells, rocks or tiny pinecones, dried flowers, dried fruit, whole spices or whatever comes to mind.
Melt some wax on the stove, be sure to get your parents help because it will be hot.
Pour a little wax into the saucer first and let it set up. This will help raise the height of the pot that holds the candle. Place the pot on top of the wax. It's best to put it off center so will give more room for your shells or other items.
Pour some wax into the saucer to about 1/8 inch of your final level. This will hold the pot and give you a surface to put your items on.
After the wax hardens, put your shells and rocks around the bottom of the pot.
Now finish pouring the wax to the final level.
After the wax cools put a small candle into the pot and there your have it a reusable candle.

Shell Candle

This looks neat and makes a terrific gift for your grandparents or anyone.

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