Rainbow Pinwheel

     In preparation for St. Patrick's Day we thought a rainbow pin wheel might help you find the pot of gold. These are simple to build and fun to play with. They can be made by printing the patterns from our web site or by drawing out your own.

Materials you'll need:

  • 2 pieces of heavy bond paper.

  • Rubber cement.

  • 1/4" wooden dowel.

  • Small brad nail.

  • Plastic or glass bead.

     Print out the pattern for both the front and back of your pinwheel. Click on the picture below to go to the full size pattern.

Pinwheel Pattern

     Cut out the two squares.
     Using rubber cement glue the two pieces of paper back to back with the squares aligned.
     Cut in from each corner to within 1" of the center.
     Fold one point from each corner over to the center and put a push pin through each one. Place a small about of white glue in the center and push the pin through the center and into a cork. Let it sit this way until it dries.

Glue Pinwheel

     Remove the push pin and put a brad through the holes. Place a bead on the back side of the pinwheel and tack the pinwheel to the dowel.

Rainbow Pinwheel

     No go out in the wind and have fun with your rainbow pinwheel.

     Send us a picture of your creation and we'll post it on our web page at RunnerDucklings Kids Corner.

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