Pinecone Family

     Ken's dad use to make families from small pieces of driftwood and now we've made our family from pinecones. This is a really simple and fun project. You can use just about any material to create your family or friends.

You'll need the following items:

  • Hot melt glue gun or glue.
  • A piece of wood or rock for the base. It needs to be big enough for your family and should sit flat.
  • Some pine cones or sticks for the size of each family member.
  • Pipe cleaners for arms.
  • Any other stuff you can find that adds character to your people.
     Glue the "people" to your base. You can arrange your family any way you like.
     Decorate your "people" with hair (moss), arms (pipe cleaners), eyes (marking pen or tiny rocks), etc. Be creative that's what this is all about.

     That's about it. These are really fun to sit around or give to friends. Make a model of you and your best friend or you and your pet.

     Here is Ken, Marilyn and our dog Ginger made out of pinecones and Ken's family made by his dad from driftwood.

     Send us a picture of your creation and we'll post it on our web page at RunnerDucklings Kids Corner.

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