Embroidery Hoop Potpourri

     Mothers Day is coming and this would make a great present for mom. Not only is it pretty but it smells nice too.

Here's what you'll need:

  • An Embroidery Hoop, any size.
  • Fine Netting.
  • Lace trim.
  • Potpourri mix.
  • Ribbon, about 6 inches.
We are going to tell you how to make two different kinds of potpourri hoops. This first one is simpler than the second.
Cut two pieces of Netting a little larger than the hoop.
Pour some Potpourri in the middle of one piece of netting.
Put the second piece of netting over the top of potpourri and sandwich them tightly together using a Embroidery Hoop.
Pull the netting tight and tighten the hoops.
Trim the netting around the edge of the hoop.
With the netting raw edge to the back cut and glue a strip of lace around the hoop.
Tie a ribbon through the hoop clamp to hang your art.
You can add some lace decorations to the front.

Large Potpourri Hoop

A second way that you can make these is to use a pretty piece of cloth for the back piece with netting over it. This gives it a nice backdrop.

Small Potpourri Hoop

Now get busy before Mothers Day sneaks up on you.

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