Have you ever come home and wondered where mom is? Is she in the family room? NO! Is she in the computer room? NO! Maybe she's outside. Yeah there she is in the garden.
     Here is a fun little project that will make it easier to know when mom is in the garden.


  • An old gardening glove. Usually you can find a good left one that goes with a bad right one. Use the good one!
  • Paint or permanent marking pen
  • Cotton batting or other soft filler.
  • Odds and ends for decorations.
  • 12" of twine or string.
     You may want to wash the glove first if it's been used a lot.
     Once it's dry, stuff the glove with cotton or any other stuffing you have lying around. Be sure and get the stuffing way down in the fingers.
     Save room in the top for things to add character to it. We used some small garden tools and artificial flowers.
     Use acrylic paint or a permanent marking pen to write or paint your words on the back of the glove. You can say anything you like but we chose "Mom's in the Garden".
     When the paint dries, decorate the glove with flowers or what ever you have chosen and glue to hold the selected items in the top of the glove.
     Sew a piece of string or twine through the top of the glove to make a hanger and tie the ends together.

Now when mom is in the garden she can hang it where you will see it when you come home.

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