Finger Butterfly

     Marilyn saw something like these butterflies on TV the other day and decided to create her own. This project requires come cutting with a knife and scissors so be sure to get some help from your parents.
Here's what you'll need:
  • A piece of view foil plastic. You can make it out of paper but the plastic works better.
  • Colored permanent marking pens
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • A sharp craft knife
You can download the pattern for the butterfly from our web site at
Print the pattern onto a piece of view foil plastic. You can hand draw it with a permanent marking pen if you don't have a printer.

Cut out the butterfly.
Using a sharp knife (get your parents help) cut two slots where shown.
Color your butterfly using different colored permanent marking pens.
Fold your butterfly wings up along the body.
Cut out the small finger cuff from the plastic.
Put the plastic through the two slots so the ends stick out below the butterfly.
Wrap the ends of the cuff around your index finger and tap the ends together.
Flying Butterflies

You're now ready to make your butterfly come to life. Gently move your finger and hand up and down and the wings will move like a real butterfly. If you walk around while moving your hand it will look like it's flying.
Get creative with your butterfly and make several of them. Most importantly have fun!

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