Father's Day Gifts

     Father's Day is Sunday and it would be nice to give dad a handcrafted gift from you. Here are a couple of suggestions for you to try.

Picture Frame

Here's what you'll need:

  • An old (or new) picture frame
  • A nice picture of you to go into the frame
  • Some items that make you think of your dad
  • Glue
Find some items around the house that will remind him of his hobbies. If he's a fisherman you might find some old lures, bobbers and hooks. If he likes woodworking find an old broken wooden ruler, a hinge, nails, screws, etc. If he likes computers you might cut up an old CD, a floppy disk, and perhaps an old mouse.
Put your picture in the frame and then glue these items around the edges.

Great Dad Certificate

How about giving dad some help for Father's Day?
One of the best father day gifts I ever got was helping me with a job. I'll bet your dad would really like you to wash the car or mow the yard or just about anything else.
We have two certificates for you to print out and give to your dad. All you have to do is fill in his name, the project you'll do and your signature.
You can get these certificates from our web site by just clicking on the one you want to print. Be sure to set your printer for landscape.

Now go have a great Father's Day and do something really nice for your dad.

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