Fake Spill Fun

     Even though April Fools Day is long gone it's always fun to play a little joke on people. This project is really simple but the fun lasts a long time.

Here's what you'll need:

  • White glue like Elmers.
  • A paper cup or empty plastic container, one you can throw away.
  • Things to put in your spill to make it look real.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Waxed paper.
The object is to make you spill look as real as possible.
Decide what your spill is going to look like. We choose some blueberry yogurt for our first spill and Cheerios and milk for our second.
For the yogurt spill we used an empty yogurt cup and mixed purple acrylic paint into some white glue in it.
Spread out some waxed paper on a paper towel and pour the glue out of the cup and onto the waxed paper. Place the cup on it's side in the glue to look like a spill.
We found some small blue beads to make it look like real blueberries and put them in the glue.
For the breakfast spill we added white paint to some white glue (white glue dries clear if you don't add color).
We poured it out onto our waxed paper and added some Cheerios.
Blueberry Spill

Milk Spill

It takes a long time for the glue to dry but you can hurry it along by putting it in a warm over. Put a paper towel on a cookie sheet and then put your spill on top of that. Put the oven on the lowest setting, around 120 degrees F. If your oven won't go that low turn it on the lowest setting until about 130 degrees F is reached then turn it off and put your cookie sheet in. It's best to get your parents help with the oven. It's best if they stay in for about 8 hours.
When it's all dry carefully peal it off of the waxed paper. It's OK if the waxed paper tears off under the spill.
Now go put it some where that no one is suspecting and have some fun.

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