To show your support for the families of the victims of the World Trade Center, the rescue workers, service men and women and all America people are putting a candle in their windows at night. Here is a little project to make those candles look extra special.

You'll need the following items:

  • A candle of any size.
  • Decorations like dried seeds and spices.
  • Tacky glue, not a runny glue like Elmers
  • A small pan or tray to catch the seeds and spices.
Put some glue on the outside of the candle. You can make designs using a paintbrush.
Sprinkle one of your decorations onto the candle.
Cover some more area of the candle with glue and sprinkle on a different material.
Keep repeating this until you have either covered the candle or have the design that you like.
     You can mix all your spices and seeds together and sprinkle over the whole candle for a nice effect.
     NOTE: Do not cover the area near the wick where the candle burns.

Here is a picture of a candle that has vertical stripes covered with rosemary, radish seeds and cabbage seeds.

Decorated Candle

     Send us a picture of your creation and we'll post it on our web page at RunnerDucklings Kids Corner.

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