The birds are nesting and lots of baby birds are being born. We thought a fun little project would be to make your own baby bird in an egg.


  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Small Pine Cone
  • A small piece of black felt
  • A small piece of white felt
  • 1 Kernel of Pop Corn
  • Glue
     Start out by carefully cracking open an egg. Try to break it in half. Give the contents to mom for cooking. Be sure to peal the membrane out of the egg, otherwise it may start stinking later on.
     With the Pine Cone stem to the top, cut the bottom flat so it will sit flat in the egg.
     Cut two small white felt circles for the whites of the eyes. Cut two smaller black felt circles for the eye pupils.
     Glue the black felt circles on the white felt and glue both on the Pine Cone. You could use plastic eyes if you want.
     Glue the Kernel of Corn just below the eyes for a beak.
     This finishes the birdie now glue it in the eggshell and you are done.

Baby Bird Egg

     Optional: You can paint the shell outside “Robins egg blue” or add speckles.
If you can talk mom out of the eggs, make several for a whole nest full.

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