April Fool Surprise

     April Fools Day is Monday and it's time to play a joke on your friends. This really simple project is lots of fun.

Here's what you'll need:

  • An empty mustard squeeze bottle or liquid detergent bottle.
  • String or yarn.
You can also use a catsup or mustard squeeze bottle that you buy at the store. Be sure to wash the plastic bottle really good with soap.
Some of the new mustard bottles will have to have the little plug in the end cut off. You can have your parents help you with the cutting.
Find a piece of string or yarn about the size of the hole in the top of the container about 1 1/2 feet long.
Put the string through the hole in the cap and tie a knot in both ends of the string very close to the ends.
Poke the string into the bottle and put the cap on the bottle.
April Fools Mustard Jar
When you squeeze the bottle the string will come out looking like you are squirting catsup or mustard.
The April Fools joke is when you act like you are squirting catsup or mustard on your friends.
Mustard Jar Squirting

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