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     Last step we put down a foundation and I recommended 6" X 6" landscape timbers. It's important that they are in the ground good a solid and level.
     This step we will start building the frame. The frame is nothing more than a simple 2" X 4" stud frame. I used treated wood on the bottom and cedar for the rest. Cedar is a little spendy but I like the way it ages without a finish and I like the smell. Do your framing on a flat surface and be sure to square it up before nailing.

     The shape of your frame will depend on your design. Since I don't have a good picture of my greenhouse when it was framed, here is a doctored picture to give you an idea.

Greenhouse Frame

     Here is another doctored picture from the front to give you a little better idea of the framing. I've whited out the inset panels to just show the frame.

Greenhouse Frame
     When sizing your frame remember that the panels come in 4' X 8' sheets so design it for the least amount of waste. Also be sure and follow any building codes you may have in your area.


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