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Candle Holder
This project appeared in our January 10th, 2003 Newsletter.

This is a wonderful little candle holder. It will take some imagination (or not) to really make it unique.

Candle Holder

Here's what you'll need:

  • 3" X 14" X 3/4" piece of wood. We used Walnut. Try to find a piece that has a problem like a knot, broken edge or something that makes it unique.
  • 3" Votive candle holders and candles. Go to a craft store and find something that you like. The holders we found actually came from a metal frame.

The basic size of our candle holder is 3" X 12". You may want to adjust your size depending on the size of your candle holders and the flaw that might be in your wood.
Cut your wood to size.
Drill three holes evenly spaced in the center to fit your candle holders. We drilled 1 5/8" holes using a Forstner Bit.
Smooth the hole edges using a 1/8" round router bit.
Route the outside edges using a 1/4" to 3/8" round router bit.

Cut two legs from the same material. Our legs are 2 3/4" wide on the bottom with a 27 degree cut on each end.
Sand everything smooth. Leave the ruff spots on your project alone. They really look nice in their natural state.
Glue the legs about 2" in from each end.
Stain and finish your candle holder and it's set to go.

It's really quite amazing how nice these can turn out. They are especially nice if you can find a unique piece of wood but even a nice rectangle looks good.

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